In this digital age, the phone you have is as important as the computer you use. Are you a PC or a Mac? Do you have an iPhone or an Android? These are the questions that matter today. And now more than ever phone manufactures have to compete with each other to gain and maintain consumers. Granted, there are the loyalists who are #TeamAndroid or #TeamiPhone. Manufactures like HTC, Google and Samsung are competing with one industry giant– Apple.

When Apple released the first smartphone in 2007, they changed the industry forever. Manufactures lagged behind, but some may say that although Apple is a great brand, its not as innovative as it once was; leaving manufacturers like Samsung to jump ahead. (But that’s a debate for another post with 500 words or less). The iPhone vs. Android debate officially began in 2008 when HTC released the first Android powered phone. Six years later numerous phone manufacturers are trying to find their place in the iPhone world, Samsung being one of them. Apple set the precedent of releasing a newer, better version of their iPhone every year during the fall. One of its main competitor Samsung decided the only way they could keep up was to set a goal of releasing a new version of their main phone, the Samsung Galaxy every year as well.

Samsung has a $14 billion annual advertising budget and in 2014 they decided to set aside $20 million of that to sponsor the Oscars. Samsung wanted to continue to show that they are technological innovators and their phones have superior functionalities that iPhone’s don’t. They came up with a great strategy to show the world the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Throughout the entire show, presenters and the host for the evening, Ellen DeGeneres would use the Note 3 to take pictures, make announcements and show off the new features of the phone. Commercials ran throughout the entire night using the phrase “You need to see this.” In each commercial Samsung users bragged about the quality of the camera, battery life and other great features of the phone to their friends.

Samsung wanted to take this a step further by utilizing social media, specifically Twitter. Its common knowledge ( at least it should be) that if you want a successful ad campaign, its in the best interest of your organization to utilize social media. Samsung’s tactic to carry out their strategy was brilliant– have Ellen DeGeneres take a selfie with the Note 3 and challenge viewers to make it the most re-tweeted picture ever. Within hours, the celebrity filled picture gained over 1 million re-tweets.


I was watching the Oscars that night and up until that moment, I was bored. This was a brilliant idea! Meryl, Jennifer. Angelina, Brad and Frank Underwood in one photo! Who wouldn’t want to re-tweet it? This moment was talked about on every new outlet within minutes. One thing that wasn’t being talked about was the Note 3. The people in the photo overshadowed the phone that took the photo. I wouldn’t categorize my evaluation as a loss for Samsung because they received a vast amount of air time during this broadcast. If viewers didn’t know about the Note 3 before, they did on March 2, 2014. I tip may hat to you, Samsung. #TeamAndroid