Hello Brooklyn , how you doing?

Hello, hello, hello!

This past Saturday I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my BFFL ,Sophie and her girlfriend, Chelsea!
It was supposed to be a beautiful day, but it was hot as shit. 93° to be exact. Didn’t expect it to be that hot in the city. I thought I left this weather back on Orlando. Mother nature,  what’s up with that?

Besides the ridiculous  weather, I really enjoyed  the 30 minute or so walk. There were so many people walking, biking and selling souvenirs. I honestly felt really bad for the vendors, because they had to stay, in one spot all damn day!

The view from the bridge was amazing. So far, walking the bridge was the only touristy thing I’ve done since I’ve been in the city  (crazy I know). I’m completely OK with that. Because, it was free. Lol

I tried my best to take some awesome pictures and I’ve included them below!




Any of you ever walked the bridge? I’d love to know and see your pictures! Comment below:)


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