My life in New York revolves around food

The only meaningful trips I’ve taken here in New York are to restaurants and food festivals. No shame in my game. I LOVE food!

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Protective Styles

I’ve neglected the Hair and Makeup section of byTisha for quite some time now. Three months to be exact. I’m back with some updates!

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Magnolia Bakery, you’re pretty spectacular!

The months and days leading up to my NYC summer, my partner in crime/best friend gave me a list of things I should do while in the city. The list mainly revolved around food, because lets be honest, food is life.

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Hello Brooklyn , how you doing?

Hello, hello, hello!

This past Saturday I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with my BFFL ,Sophie and her girlfriend, Chelsea!
It was supposed to be a beautiful day, but it was hot as shit. 93° to be exact. Didn’t expect it to be that hot in the city. I thought I left this weather back on Orlando. Mother nature,  what’s up with that?

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