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The only meaningful trips I’ve taken here in New York are to restaurants and food festivals. No shame in my game. I LOVE food!

A couple Saturdays ago, I took a trip to Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was my first time being in that part of Brooklyn, but that’s another topic for another day.
Listen, the food was amazing! Everything about this day was perfect ,except the hot ass weather. It was 93° that day! I will never understand why God Decided to that to us, but it’s ok. I’m over it.

I ate so much food at Smorgasbord, and of course I took pictures to share with yall! Keep scrolling, you might drool, but it’s OK lol.

Smorgasbord will be in Central Park July 31. If you have time, please go! You won’t regret it. (Click the hyperlink for more details)

This trip is on my top five list of things I’ve done here in New York.

Thanks for reading this posts. Come back soon, there’ll be more food posts waiting for you.