Magnolia Bakery, you’re pretty spectacular!

The months and days leading up to my NYC summer, my partner in crime/best friend gave me a list of things I should do while in the city. The list mainly revolved around food, because lets be honest, food is life.

The first place on the list was Magnolia Bakery in Midtown. According to Latoya, I had to try the banana pudding. Am I a fan of banana pudding? No. I’ve only had it twice in my entire life, and the experiences were mediocre. Either way, I took her word for it.

Listen. Listen. Honey, listen. The banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery is EVERYTHING! Just thinking about it makes me drool. I took some pictures during my first visit, because I had to share this moment with y’all.

This…. is the beginning.



Brace yourselves….it’s about to happen.


WAIT…There’s more



My heart can’t take this greatness!


This was everything. If you’re in New York, go to Magnolia Bakery. You won’t regret it. You’re welcome (in advance).


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