2 years natural- what I’ve learned

Hello all! Long time no post. Its been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, not because I don’t have anything to write about, but because its finals season for me. My first exam is in 20 days so I’ve been focusing on STUDYING! I’ve given up all social media except for this blog and Instagram…but I might be gone from the blog too 🙊

Any wayyyyyyy, now that the update is over lets actually get into this post! I’ve been natural for almost two and a half years now and I’ve learned so much about myself and my hair. Most importantly

  1. Moisturize! Water based products are best!
  2. Stay away from products with sulfate, alcohol and parabens!
  3. Be patient! Your hair won’t grow overnight
  4. Being natural isn’t cheap nor easy. Good products are and should be cost a little more than usual.

I try not to buy too many products, because lets be honest, natural hair products are expensive. This year I decided to try some new products and get rid of the old ones. Aussie shampoo and conditioner were my go-to’s because its cheap ($5 for 29oz.) lol, and it helped make wash day so much easier. My hair felt soft and moisturized…until I rinsed the product out.

Overall: its an OK product, but I will not buy it again.


I was reluctant to Carol’s Daughter black vanilla hydrating conditioner again because it did not work well for my permed hair. Reason being, its meant for transitioning and natural hair. I’ve been using these products a few months now and I’ve been pretty happy with it.  The conditioner made my hair feel so soft and my curl pattern was visible…even after I rinsed the product out!  I also tried the hair mask, but I didn’t notice a difference so I won’t buy again. I do like the shampoo, I won’t need to buy again anytime soon because a little goes long way. The products are expensive because its sulfate, paraben and alcohol free, and those ingredients are drying, which is not good for natural hair, especially my 4C hair. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to spend more money for products like these because it really works!! The shampoo is $10 for 12oz., conditioner is $12 for 12oz. and the mask is $14 for 8oz..

Overall: Wonderful product, but I found something better!

IMG_2256.jpgNow, this is the real reason why I’m writing this blog. I tried a sample of DevaCurl’s one condition and…Its become my new holy grail. I washed my hair last night using a sample size and I fell in love. I let the product sit for a few minutes then washed it out…after I washed it out…my hair felt silky smooth! SILKY SMOOTH! The softest my hair has ever felt. I wish you all could feel my hair because I can’t really explain it lol. I love this product so much that after I rinsed it out I put my wet hair up and drove to Ulta to buy the full size. lol. This product can be used as a conditioner and a leave in. I did a braid out last night on wet hair using only this product and it came out amazing. Usually I would use a leave in conditioner, a styling cream and a little bit of gel to get a decent braid out. But I only needed this one! I must say, its very expensive. $15 on Amazon and $19 at Ulta for 12 oz. but ITS WORTH IT!!!

My hair after using this!

1_04-08-2016 12_16\P7.jpg



IMG_2259.jpgI never wanted to try DevaCurl because I didn’t think it catered to Black women. Every ad and review was by a white woman with wavy hair. Since it launched a couple years ago, its expanded the product range to cater to black women with curly and kinky hair. The new collection- Decadence is dedicated to us-curly and kinky textures! I bought the One condition decadence, I have not tried it yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it.

Overall: I love DevaCurl, I’m never going back.

That was a long post- But thanks for reading!!


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