Our trip to Barbados in 2016

Its safe to say that millenials love to travel. I can’t scroll through any social media sites without seeing my peers in Europe, the Caribbean, Iceland (yes Iceland), or places around the US. I’m one of those millenials!

In 2017, my Fiancé and I traveled to Barbados—our first international trip—and it honestly felt like we were going home because we’re both Caribbean. We spent five days exploring the island and seeing what Barbados has to offer.

We’re not the type to sit by the pool or the beach all day; we like to explore the places we visit and immerse ourselves in the culture. We typically plan one major activity per day. Here’s what our trip entailed:

Our first day was pretty low-key because we flew in mid-afternoon. The hotel played us and has us waiting for way too long prior to check in. I was pissed, and as usual, my Fiancé was calm. We ended up laying out by the beach until our room was ready. I calmed down, and decided we’ll start again tomorrow.

Day two was calm, thankfully. We stayed at the Marriott in Bridgetown. It was across the street from the beach (a necessity), so after breakfast we spent a few hours at the beach. My Fiancé was over laying on the beach, so he rented a jet ski for the two of us. A few minutes in, and one wrong turn later, we flew off the jet ski. Thankfully my wig stayed in tact!! Overall this was a great beach day.

Shout out to my photographer thoooooooooo

Day three was the most exciting day. We went on a day cruise/catamaran tour! The boat sailed across the island for about five hours; we listened to music, ate some Bajan food, and snorkeled in the underwater caves. This day was pretty exhausting because after being on the water for so long, we attended a show. Honestly, the show was for tourists who are unfamiliar with Caribbean culture (food, music, carnival). It was about one hour long (thankfully it included dinner); there was a little bit of acting, a lot of dancing, and a brief overview of Bajan culture. This was the least relaxing but most fulfilling day we had!

We spent our final full day touring the island. Like most Caribbean islands, Barbados is small; you can drive from one side of the island (east to west or north to south) in a few hours. We reached out to a driver when we met at the airport for the private tour. He took us the capital, RiRi’s mansion (well, as close as we could get), sugar cane fields, and along the coast (I literally cannot remember what side of the island we went to).

I’ll be the happiest person in the world if I had at least one fresh coconut every day

We flew out the next afternoon, so that morning we walked to the local store to have some bake and salt fish (we eat this in St. Lucia, so it was great to have some in Barbados). Barbados is a beautiful island and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to travel to the Caribbean! (I’d love to go back for Cropover . . . maybe a girls trip a year or two after this wedding.)

I’ll typically include links to my outfits, but since most of what I wore is out of season/stock I’ll try to link similar items.

Let me know if you’ve in to Barbados or any other Caribbean islands !

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