Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 26.

I stopped dreaming about specific goals when I turned 21. The years prior, only dreamt about Tisha the professional—I dreamt about graduating law school, passing the bar, moving to New York and being financially stable. That’s it. Of course I wanted to be happy, but I never dreamt about what would truly make me happy. I didn’t dream about the type of woman I wanted to become or how I truly wanted to live in this world.

When I turned 25, I felt a shift. My 25th birthday was truly one of the most memorable ones. I felt loved—I felt love from my family, my friends, my fiancé (then boyfriend) my peers, my internet friends. I felt love all around and that made me happy. It felt great to be celebrated.

I had a lot of celebrate at 25, but I also endured a lot of hardship. Twenty-five was the most difficult year of my life. I started going to therapy—I uncovered feelings I didn’t know existed; I dealt with trauma that I subconsciously suppressed; I grew distant from God; I unearthed habits that brought me no good or joy but pain; I put a mirror to myself and started learning who I am and chose who I want to become. Twenty-five was a year of growth. My fiancé foresaw this—it was his (in the end, our) word of the year. The “growing pains” laid the foundation for what I want to achieve at 26, God willing.

So, for 26, I want, and will accomplish, a few things.

1. I want to dream about my future self—a happy Tisha: happy with myself and my relationships.

2. I want my confidence back. My self-confidence shattered into pieces at 25. It hurt, but as one crack formed, I ran into it. I’m building it back.

3. I will speak to myself (and think of myself) in a kind, loving, respectable way. Words mean things (s/o to Kid Fury and Crissle). And I said some horrible things to myself this past year. Now that I’m aware of this habit, I will let go of it.

4. I will celebrate and appreciate my happy moments! I usually cut the moment short and think/say “this is too good, something bad will happen next.” I’m not doing this anymore. I have so much to be grateful for and will rejoice in all of it!

5. I want to tap into my purpose. My career as a lawyer isn’t my purpose. I’ve worked toward this career since I was 11, but at 25 I realized its not my purpose, and that’s ok. I know what my purpose is and this year, I will be intentional about working toward it and walking in it. * Let the Church say Amen*.

My list is a lot longer than this, but I felt comfortable sharing these five.

Thank you for always reading. I appreciate you. ❤️

Tips and outfit ideas for a professional conference!

Last month I attended by first conference— the Black Entertainment Sports Lawyers annual conference in Panama City, Panama.

For the first time in forever, I did not shop for any outfits; I used what was in my closet! Crazy, right? Since this was a professional conference, during the day I wore my usual work attire, and conservative, yet stylish, outfits for the social events.

I shop almost exclusively at Loft or Ann Taylor for my professional clothes—they’re great quality and almost always have a sale! I recommend them to everyone looking to build or update their professional wardrobe. NY&Company also has great options. Pro/tip—I go crazy during major sales (black Friday, New Years, and other holidays in between) so I never pay full price for anything.

4 tips to help prepare your wardrobe

  1. Think of a conference like an extended after work happy hour/networking event! Its still a professional setting, but a bit more relaxed.
  2. Pack your outfits ahead of time. Review your itinerary and lay out each outfit for each part of the day.
  3. Be comfortable! Wearing a full suit all day over multiple days isn’t comfortable, especially if you’re in a warmer climate. Keeping it business casual is a safe bet.
  4. Ask around! What did your peers wear last year? Is there a recommended attire?

Below are the outfits I chose for this conference. I’ve linked what’s still available to the pictures below! Unfortunately, I purchased these pieces years ago, so they’re no longer in stock. 😦

A casual look

Professional Slays

Where do you shop for your professional attire? I’d love to know!

Bar trip to Hawaii!

After sitting for the bar, law school grads typically go on a “bar trip” to celebrate completing three years of law school and surviving the bar. My Fiancé (then boyfriend) and I initially planned a two week vacation to Europe, but with the start of my new job (which included a move to Philadelphia), we had to rework our plans.

My Fiancé travels for work, so we were able to book our tickets to Europe with points. Thankfully, he was able to cancel the flights and re-book for earlier dates to Hawaii! After researching the “calmest Hawaiian island,” we decided to travel to Maui. Maui is described as the place you to go relax; thats exactly what we needed for two reasons. First, we flew out the day after I took the bar. Second, after the trip, we had about two days to pack up the apartment and move to Philly.

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Proposal in Venice, Italy

I’m a pretty private person, so I debated on what I’d include in this post. I decided to keep it simple, and include a brief story and my favorite pictures from our proposal.

My Fiancé Sam and I decided to go to Italy for our annual spring trip. We spent five days traveling between Rome, Florence and Venice. Five days was not enough time, so we definitely plan to go back.

Everyone swore up and down that Sam would propose in Italy. I was convinced he would after we got back to Philly. I was wrong!

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Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Hello, I’m Tisha.

To my faithful followers from 2015: I’m still alive and well. To my new followers: girlllllll you’re in for a treat—I have a lot to blog about. Now lets get to it, shall we?

Since my last post: I’ve graduated law school, moved out of Columbus, Ohio, started my first full-time legal job, passed the bar exam, turned 25, and got engaged. A lot right? I cannot discuss each of these moments in one post, so I will blog about them over the next few months. I’ll also be blogging about my favorite things (skincare, makeup, fashion, natural hair), mental health, physical fitness, and my travel adventures (I might include a few posts about being a black woman in corporate America).

What would you all like to read about?  Leave a comment down below; I’d love to know.