Okay, I’m obsessed with…

I enjoy watching YouTube videos. Actually I love watching Youtube videos. I can’t go a day without opening my iPad and being entertained for an hour…or two. My favorite videos are makeup tutorials, daily vlogs  (video blog) and anything else I may find interesting. I’m also obsessed with Instagram (@Tisha_MJ). I don’t post everyday because why should I, but im on everyday scrolling, double tapping and commenting on other people’s posts.

Sometime last month everybody and their mother decided to purchase the new NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. At first ignored it and chalked it up to being another fad. I was also turned off because NARS recommends applying this foundation with your hand– eww. Unsanitary; I like my makeup brushes that I paid good money for. But one day I went to Sephora and got a free sample.

1428504808782~2 Nars-All-Day-Luminous69

This is the color I wear- Macao
This is the shade I wear- Macao

Listen, when I tell you this is the best and worst foundation I’ve ever tried, its the complete honest truth. I swear on all my Beyonce CD’s! Its the best because my skin looks and feels amazing when I wear it. I have the Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez Kerry Washington glow, all day long. Its the worst foundation I’ve ever tried because its $48! Like, why?  I’m tempted to go to every Sephora and get a free sample because my monthly budget doesn’t account for that purchase. As of now, I’m not spending $48, but until then I’ll be using my favorite foundation Revlon 24 hour Color Stay Foundation.

Here are filter-less selfies of me wearing NARS.



Should I by it? Help me!


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