Decor Me Crazy!

Catchy title, right?

Decor Me Crazy is a new section of byTisha! In about 66 days I’m moving to Ohio and I’ll be posting  (as much as I can) about the entire decorative process! All my ideas, purchases and inspirations will be linked under the Decor Me Crazy tab in the menu bar.

I picked my color scheme about 3 months ago when I first toured my apartment, and I haven’t changed it, surprisingly! My entire apartment, aside from my kitchen, will be white and gold. I’ll also have pops of color throughout each room, so its not too monotonous.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by Instagram posts, Pinterest pins and YouTube videos. And I spend most of my free time pinning, screen-shotting and adding/remove items to my online shopping carts. Decorating my apartment is probably the most exciting thing about moving away, and I can’t wait to share this process with y’all!

I’ve included some pictures of rooms that I’m currently obsessed with. Let me know which ones are your favorite, and feel free to share some ideas you may have!

This is the couch I will be buying! Guess where its from? IKEA! Super cheap and comfy!
I plan on having a couple gallery walls throughout the apartment. I love the setup of this one and the one below.


If I could have this mirror, and the ones below, my life would me complete…lol almost



This is the same coffee table as the one below and its from Ikea! I plan on spray painting it gold to match that color.


Most of my furniture is coming from Ikea, this ones no exception. The drawer pulls are custom, so that’ll be a fun project!
My work space has to be cute and functional! These two pictures are what I’m looking to do!


I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures as much as I did! There’s more to come!

Come back soon, the posts will be waiting for you!


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