How well do you know me?

Hello, hello, hello!

A couple days ago I was snooping on Instagram…as usual, and I came across someone who posted 100 things about them. *Light bulb goes off* Tisha you should post that on the blog! So here we are. Are you ready to learn 100 things about me? JK, Its only going to be about 50 things. Lets get started, shall we.

1. I’m 5’7 1/2 ”

2. I was born in Saint Lucia (Google it)

3. I’m 21 years old

4. I’m Black (Whoa plot twist)

5. Beyoncé is Bae

6. I have a lowkey obsession with YouTube

7. Makeup makes me happy

8. Food makes me happier

9. Mangos are my favorite fruit

10. I’m allergic to kiwi

11. I’m currently watching a YoutTube video

12. Mushrooms make me sick to my stomach

13. I don’t want to have children (crazy right)

14. I have resting bitch face. (Don’t let the smiling pictures fool you)

15. All my siblings are half siblings

16. I speak American Sign Language

17. I moved to America when I was 6 years old

18. I skipped 2nd grade

19. I got braces my sophomore year of college

20. I started college at 17 years old

21. I graduated college at 21 years old

22. College was easy for me

23. I worked during all 4 years of college

24. I spent the entire summer before my senior year studying for the LSAT

25. I took the LSAT (law school admissions test)  twice

26. No, I will not tell you my LSAT score

27. Yes, I will tell you why in another post

28. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was 11 years old

29. I’ve wanted to live in New York since I was 8 years old (my first time visiting)

30. I don’t own any heels shorter than 3 inches

31. I curse, a lot

32. My mom is my everything

33. One of my brothers is Deaf

34. My favorite color is purple

35. I have over 50 lipsticks

36. No, I will not stop buying more

37. I’ve been into fitness a lot, as of late

38. I have a fast metabolism

39. My metabolism is slowing down #SadFace

40. I have eczema

41. My eyes are brown

42. My best friend was born and raised in New York

43. The most expensive thing I own was a gift

44. I’m not single and not ready to mingle (scandalous, I Know)

45. I spoil myself

That was a mouthful.

Come back soon, the posts will be waiting.


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