My hair didn’t give up on me

A few posts ago, I wrote about my summer protective styles. I had braids in for about seven weeks when I was in New York. I was lazy and didn’t care for my hair as well as I should.

To be honest with you, I was scared to take the braids out. My fears were justified. When I detangled and washed my hair, there was a lot of shedding. I didn’t lose that much hair, but it was enough to make me nervous. I followed my usual routine: wash, deep condition, moisturize and seal. My hair was thankful and that made me, very, very happy lol. I didn’t take pictures during and after the take down, but I do have one from a successful braid-out.


P.S. naturalistas, take care of your hair. Protective styles are just that, protective styles. Protect your hair, it’ll thank you in the long run.


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