I’m still aliveeeeeeee!!

I’m a horrible person, I know. Its been over a month since I’ve posted. Seven weeks to be exact. Well, I have a peace offering. I will try my very best to not abandon byTisha for 6 weeks, or even 4 weeks…. I hope.



I know I said a while back I’ll be posting a few times a week. Well, lets forget about that and start fresh. I won’t commit to a day or time to post, all I’ll say this time is: expect a post every week on byTisha!

I have so much to share! My new place, law school, MY NEW LIFE!

Ahhhh I can’t wait!

If you’re still subscribed, thank you! If you’re new, Thank you!

Thank you all for reading and commenting, you’re the bestesetttt! 😘


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