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I’ve been MIA and I am mad at myself for that. This year I set a blogging goal and I was so close to meeting it sooner than expected. My blog was getting more attention than I ever thought it would without any outside promotion of my own! I had so many blog ideas; I startedĀ them, saved them, andĀ never posted them. Why? Well, between law school, working this summer and plain ‘ole laziness, I didn’t have time or energy to blog. So to those of you that are still loyal (LOL), here’s a life/month by month update.

May: Law School

Ā IĀ Finished my first year of law school!!! I shattered some goals, missed others by a hair, and in my eyes, didn’t come close to the rest. But I am OK with that. In hindsight, my first year of law school was a success. It could have been a lot better, butĀ the end result I prayed for came to life. I am working at a “big law” firm (aka large law firm with international offices) and I love it. The people are amazing, the culture is wonderful and I have learned so much about myself and the law! FYI, Ā law school doesn’t teach you how to become a good lawyer, and most of the classes you take mean nothing afterward. Legal writing and Research (IMO) is the most valuable class you can take during your law school career, so to my future 1L’s ace that class. It’ll help you get the job and most importantly, help you kick ass on every project you get!


Day 1 at the firm- before I took out my nose ring šŸ˜¦

After school ended I took a much needed trip home to see my family! My vacation wasn’t really a vacation because of write-on for journal (more law school stuff) , but I made the most of the free time I had. I linked up with my forever twin who I hadn’t seen in about a year, and friendsĀ I hadn’t seen since middle school! Crazy how catching up with a friendĀ in person and getting everything off your chest- good and bad, can bring you closer. ‘Twas a great trip.


OH AND HOW CAN I FORGET!! I SAW THE QUEEN IN CHICAGO!! This was my second time seeing šŸ‘‘ Ā B in person. I could go on and on, but I’m just going to say this: Your fav could never.




June: Law firm

Well, the entire month was a dream. LOL My goal this summer was to have as much fun doing thingsĀ I want to do. Most importantly eating.Ā HAHA. I love food, TBH who doesn’t? Between countless firm events, dates with my boyfriend and brunches with my friends, I spent a ridiculous amount of money dining out. But hey, its all worth LOL. It would’ve been nice to include pictures, but sorry, I didn’t take that many.



Probably my favorite Jeni’s flavor, ever



The Pink Drink is addicting! (Berry refresher with coconut milk)


One of the many pizzas I ate this summer lol


I LOVE a good creme brule

I was also an adventure buff for a quick second. I went zip-lining, which was pretty fun! Not as scary as I initially thought, but it was a cool experience.

July: Chicago and Atlanta (hasn’t happened yet)

Law firm update isĀ prettyĀ much the same: Lunches, dinners, coffee’s , office meetings, networking events, baseball games, happy hours. Oh, and of course finding time to do the work I am assigned.

My boyfriend and I visited one of myĀ bestie‘sĀ in Chicago for 4th of July Weekend! It was my first official time in the Chi so I wasĀ super excited. The trip was great, food was amazing and the weather was pretty nice too. (With the exception of a failed club outing because clubs let in too many people and hold the lines). I have some picturesĀ of that so I will insert them! Two take-away’s from Chicago:

1- when planning a day/night out, think about how you’re getting there and include uber fairs into your budget.

2- never underestimate the wait for restaurant’s. Open table should be your best friend, if it isn’t already.

3- (just because i can aha).Get in touch with all your friends when visiting. All of them will take you to different parts of the city, and that will make the trip even better.





The Atlanta trip is the last week in July! I’ll be going for a wedding, but I’ll squeeze in time to meet with some friends and of course, network because it never ends!


Well, that’s it! Thanks for your loyalty. I’ll post againĀ soon, I promise.