Lets play with some colors!

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the likes and comments I received on my last post! My phone kept going of every minute for about 10 minutes straight. I seriously thought there was a glitch with WordPress 😂.

To keep my posting schedule going, I decided to recreate my eyeshadow look I did for Christmas Day using my new favorite palette: Lorac Pro 2! I bought this over winter break and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since. 😫I’m obsessed.

To make it a bit easier to follow that I used, I numbered the shadows on the palette in the order I used them. I hope this helps! (Also, I include hyperlinks of all the products I used)


I used Lorac eyeshadow primer, then the number 1 shadow in the crease


I forgot to take separate pictures of this step, but just go in the order I numbered the shadows . Number 2: place the green on the lid. Number 3: place the purple in the crease. Number 4: place the brown on top of the purple.  After you placed the colors in the crease: BLEND until you cant blend anymore lol



I use liquid eyeliner, but of course, you can use what you’re comfortable with.


applied some mascara, then false lashes!
I added color number 4 to my bottom lash line since I didn’t use an eyeliner. Then I added color number 5 to the inner corner of my eye


And here is the finished look!  I put on foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, highlight, and finally lipstick! ( in that order)



Im still trying to find the best lighting in my apartment, so if some pictures look darker than the others, my apologies! Anywho, thanks for stopping by!


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